2 Torque Wrenches (3 to 210NM)

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I have gone digital and so now have two Torque Wrenches for sale.
1 is a Husky 3-30NM (#39102) and the other a Draper 30 - 210NM (#3001A)
Will pretty much do everything on a Landrover.

Both in plastic cases (see pics)
Always stored 'relaxed'
Good clean working condition, I have tested these against my new ones and they seem to be accurate but are not 'calibrated'.

LZ members can have both for £53- I can courier to the UK for £7 = £60 delivered

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@miktdish I'm still fancying the Husky if you have a separated price for me?
I've already got 2 bigger ones, but the Husky would be good for my motorbikes (I think)...