2.4tdci knock post rebuild

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North Yorkshire
Recently spun a bearing at around 86k miles end of last year. A couple months later I've had a refurbished bottom end, new injectors, cam and crank sensors, SCV and remap from BAS (used tool to code injectors too). Since the rebuild Its had a decent knock/tick and I need to be certain that its from the bottom end so that I can hopefully get another unit from the company. Has anyone else every had a similar issue? I'll attach a video featuring said knock. Vacuum pump seems ok too...

With the engine running crack the injectors off one at a time until the noise stops or lessons that way you know which cylinder has the issue, then swap that injector with a cylinder next to it and repeat the test and see if the noise is now on a different cylinder or on the same one in which case it is definitely a mechanical fault.