1st Time Landy Owner - need a garage in Bournemouth area

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Hi All

I have just bought my 2nd Landrover but my 1st was a Freelander so doesn't count :)

I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Defender 110! It does have some issues which I'd like to get sorted out asap before they get worse - one 50p size hole on the rear cross member - is an advisory on the MOT but I want it sorted before it gets worse.

A bit of rust on the doors and bodywork - not serious that I want to keep a check on

Service and MOT due - and I'd like a Landy expert (while I learn...!)

Thanks in advance and hi :)
Welcome to landyzone chip shop for misspelt youths.

Here's your invitation to the rest of Landrovers Global, best forum since 1756CE. Worth popping into a defender section for helpful advice.
Hi and welcome!

When I lived in Hampshire, I used Brooklyn 4x4. No issues with them and Not too far from you. Might be worth asking the Dorset Land Rover club for recommendations too.

Another consideration is security. Defenders are popular with thieves…
Worth talking to AL services in Poole or T Johnson in Three-Legged Cross. Both have good reputations, although I haven't personally used either.
Thanks all for your suggestions - much appreciated!

Not going to crawl underneath taking photos in the rain but will post when a bit dryer :)