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100% Range Rover Junkie....
North Dorset - Near the East & West Stours
Current Landrover
2007 Freelander 2 Td4 SE
2005 Freelander 1 TD4 5dr
Design Engineer



dolphinboy;2639722 said:
There IS a LR god; he's called Saint V8 but I don't think you've upset him yet .....
ukadamwest;3212238 said:
To be honest with you, there are plenty on here that will be happy to help, point you in the right direction or give advice and tips.... and many like Saint and Datatek and Wammers that are quite literally fonts of knowledge..
wammers;2474225 said:
Yeah that's the problem if everyone was perfect like Ant, Keith and Me. Life would be so less complicated.
MrsChris;2485081 said:
Datatek, Wammers & Saint.V8 BIG THANK YOU ...
anorakmark;2486324 said:
Saint requires a thank you as well as Datatek and Wammers, their advice is top notch they always help me out. You will love Wammers banter, he's funny. Datatek Keith is also top dog and very helpful.
2.0_hippo;2490176 said:
Can't own a Range Rover and then complain about the costs that go with owning one


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