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I love my thirty year old Land Rover, which I’ve owned from new. She’s called The Batmobile. I still don’t like the name ‘Defender’. My old 200td was just called a Land Rover 90 county.

I’m also a Supermarine Spitfire nerd. Flying in a Spit over the sea beside the White Cliffs of Dover, looping and rolling with ace pilot, Charlie Brown is the most fun, the most poignant thing I’ll ever do. Defender 0-60 in half an hour; Spitfire idle to airborne 30 seconds. Both so different; both true British icons.

Remember, the water pouring in your Land Rover and more ice on the inside than outside isn’t a fault……it’s a characteristic.
Lincolnshire, England.
Current Landrover
Defender 300tdi 90 county
Dream Landrover?
The one I own
Retired theatre nurse.


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