Freelander 1 SOLD 2006 (56) TD4 automatic

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Silver 5 door TD4 Auto. 133k

Excellent bodywork. Some scratches on bonnet only.
4 new tyres.
Runs and all good to go.

Problem is the higher road tax band. SO if you are looking for an off roader it would be ideal. Checker plate panels on bonnet would cover scratches!!

Current MOT expired.

Bad points. Interior is scruffy and headlining is saggy.

Could deliver within 50 miles of North Devon. For fuel money!

Send me a PM if interested. There is also some options that can be had like HSE wheels to fit and most other spares if required.

Could be tidied and make a good car but the tax is the issue hence the price.

Now on Ebay

Please note since vehicle has been laid up, it emits blue smoke when warm.

Smoke issue now resolved - residual oil in exhaust and intercooler from recent turbo change. Also new left front brake caliper as it was binding and new front diff mount.
Can deliver within 50 miles of North Devon for fuel cost.
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