Series Doortops


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After some 10+ years, my Series 2/3 'Addocks doortops are scrap. Not unusual, they're consumable items, as we all know. What to replace them with? Glass hasn't corroded :) so I'm looking at the frames as a to-glaze option.

The 'Addocks doortops are the default option, I doubt if they're any better (or worse) than my previous purchase. There's the Paintman items that read well (some positive comments out there), and there's the 'SP' variety. The latter look a good read on their website, though some folk (ca. 2016 era) on a few sites are rather negative about them (fit, quality, construction and customer service issues). I suspect such issues should have been resolved by now... so.... before I commit.....

Anyone bought some doortops lately - what did you think of them?
Keep an eye out for a pair of MOD aluminium door tops, window profile is slightly different (Defender style) but they'll last a lot longer.
Do they sell galv versions? Might be rough, but should last longer.

Are rocky mountain units still being made?

Otherwise ask Martin at Able engineering 101 spares if he can get a batch of standard made, he sells the 101 alloy versions ( quite different).