Replacement TD5 galvanised chassis

Hi from not-a-newbie, more a lurker. Just bought a 04 facelift TD5 in from the UK, it'll be re-regged here and be a keeper. I've imported UK vehicles into France before, am well acquainted with the procedure (CofC, 'ordinateur dit non', etc).

Can anyone recommend a company offering replacement galvanised chassis, ie they do the replacing ;-) ? I've found a company called Prépa23 in Crocq (anyone have any experience???) but until I actually talk to them I won't know specifics.

I'm near Grenoble (Isère 38) but happy to travel. If anyone in the area fancies a cuppa and a chat tell me.

When I was looking at replacing my Chassis (def 90) the various places I looked at were charging anywhere from £3k to 10k depending on what you needed to be done. Ended up doing it myself (needed bulkhead at the same time) plus fixed loads of other stuff that I found on my journey.

So, I guess I am saying that anything you are quoted will increase in cost if they find more problems... If you are doing it yourself if will be just extra money for the parts, but your time is far cheaper than theirs (no idea of garage hourly rate in france, but if they find problems once its apart, you are stuck with whatever they need to do to get it finished and back together.