Non Scratchy Greenlane Trip Berkshire/Wiltshire

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Thames Valley
Putting together a Greenlane trip for May Bank holiday Mon 27th.
Intending to start about 9am North West of Reading and head down towards Lambourn and onto Wiltshire finishing whenever you like.
Based on the condition of the lanes last year I'm going to class this as a Non Scratchy trip, as far as its possible to say so. There will of course be the possibility of light encroaching vegetation, anything else we can cut back if needed.
In general I would have thought the lanes would be suitable for most vehicles in standard form, maybe some rutted areas where careful placement of wheels are needed.
You will need to bring fuel, food, drink, sweets, cake, maybe some gardening tools if you have any, you are welcome to bring family, friends, dogs, cats. fish etc but bare in mind that outdoor toilet arrangements will be necessary.
You won't need to bring suspension lifts, oversize tyres, winches, sand ladders or other unnecessary off road equipment.
Lanes will be something like the following videos.

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