Newbie advice for tools

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Oh yes there is S&K, Mac,kolbat, Craftsman, I'll but any craftsman tool against a snap-on any time They are way over priced.

Craftsman ain't too easy to get hold of here, if I could get it I would,they are great, trying to get hold of a knife from them but having trouble
A Hammer.

In fact any hammer will do, i find a good selection does the majority of jobs i need doing.

You should never under estimate a good hammer.
Oh and on the Halfords kit, if you pop into B&Q they do the same range but it's called TorQ or something similar so if the deal isn't on at Halfords, then B&Q always do it at the reduced price.
Britool have now sold themselves out and have become britool expert, but if you look on eBay you can get some bargains with the older better brittol stuff fantastic tools I have used them in heavy work for years and they don't often let me down, but I will say if you have a bit more money get involved with mac tools as now everything I buy from them is fantastic and not as expensive as snap off ;p
Oh bugger, didnt even notice the dates

Whether "Fur Trapper" can or can't log on, or if he's out wandering the icy wastes trapping beaver, his basic premise is correct regarding the use of 6 and 12 point sockets. You just have to look at the sizes of the respective "mating faces" between the nut and each type of socket.
However there are some places where only a 12 point socket will work, such as the bolt holding the aux drive belt tensioner unit to the block on the Td5 engine. It has a multipoint head and can only be correctly fitted by a thin walled 12 point 14 mm socket.