Intermitent power loss

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Hi. I have a 2014 Freelander 2 TD4 Auto with just 40000 miles on the clock. It is suffering intermittent power loss - what I call "hunting" as if there is a sudden fuel starvation - this can last for 30 seconds (feels like a lifetime) and then clear.

Fuel and air filters new (it was doing it before I changed them). It's had a full service (it had sat for a long time hardly used - was my late Father's) gearbox has been flushed, cambelt replaced, EGR cleaner through. I've tried different fuels and now at a loss.

I have the GAP IID tool and there are no faults showing, no warning lights on the dash, no limp mode... MAF sensor is very clean (has clearly been replaced at some point).

At a loss as to what to do next... Some people suggest an EGR blanking plate, but I'm not sure. I did that on a TD5 engine and the difference was amazing, but I believe my FL2 would also need to have an ECU remapped if I blank the EGR?

Open to any suggestions - many thanks in anticipation.