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New Member
Greetings one and all from a new member from the south of the UK.

I have been obsessed by Range Rovers since about 6 years old when I was taken out for a ride in my mum's friend's then-new 2 door. I fell in love instantly and have been a fanatic ever since, only wavering during the dark days of the P38! ;)

I'm on my third now. Number 1 was a 1994 Classic Vogue SE soft dash which was utterly reliable for 5 years. I only got rid of it after it came home from the garage with a shiny new MOT, but 7 advisories featuring the word "corrosion". As it happens, it's still on the road but has failed pretty much every MOT since I sold it for some rust somewhere crucial!

Number 2 was a 2005 L322 with BMW 4.4V8 petrol engine. Loved the car but never liked the engine as I felt it didn't suit the character of the car. This only lasted two years - I got shot of it after having to spend £2000 replacing most of the cooling system, then discovering coolant had made its way into the gearbox and this was going to need a re-build, too.

Number three, my current car, is a 2006 L322 4.2 V8 supercharged and I adore it. It's had its moments over 4 years of ownership (hence why I joined here, to ask for thoughts on its latest issue...) but i just love driving it. Even the local LR independent specialist who looks after it tells me what a lovely car it is and what great condition it's in, every time I take it in!

Welcome :).

You haven't really got the bug bad though as you only have 1 at a time:oops:. Still time for it to grow and take hold though;).