Driver window won’t go up

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I finished work today, opened the window to scan and leave the car park at work and nothing. Went down fine then just wouldn’t do anything and stayed down. Other windows work fine. I drove home in the pouring rain for over an hour, not fun. Now I’m trying to work out the best way to get it working.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I ran the diagnostic and can’t seem to see anything there.
Took the door card off to see what was happening and also was hoping to be able to move the window up so at least it was secure and closed. Window was completely incased in the door metal, I was hoping for a few little holes to try and wiggle it up :(

Here is an image for anyone else that might end in the same boat as me:
There's probably more wire in that door than there was in the whole of my first car.

Almost as much metal to.

Other than the rear window on my F1, I haven't had to touch the windows, so can offer no advice.

Can't say I had the same issue, mine would not go down on my FL1, so I guess much better, however in the summer not fun, in short I discovered the plastic part that had the cable for the motor to pull had water and corroded the plastic over a long time so I needed to replace the whole window regulator, which was about £20, however if you cannot reach the bolts to undo the window, you will need to drill new ones in your door. (All my cars even my Nissan Juke Daily have holes in the door for the window bolts at fully open and fully closed)

To summarise, you will need to drill holes to reach the bolts if they are inaccessible then from there you can review any potential damage. Get the glass up and tape it to the door on the inside so you can be sheltered from noise and rain :)
Other than the rear window on my F1
Don't even... Days... Weeks... Months...