For Sale D2 TD5 Nanocom SOLD

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Anyone selling a nanocom for a discovery 2 V8 or a britpart lynx diagnostic interface.. sorry for posting here .. I don't have enough posts to make a new one 🙇‍♂️
Anyone know if you buy the nanocom from blackbox and get it shipped from cyprus; do you need to pay import fees again or is that already included in the VAT?
Not much call for it then, apart from one who doesn’t know about the reply button. I guess eBay is my next port of call.
A wee update. I was watching one on eBay that ended up selling for £390 + postage with 9 bids. Starting price was £350 so I copied that when I put it on yesterday. Messages are coming in regular and already had an offer over £350. Pleasantly surprised at the interest still shown on these TBH.