Chassis replacement on Air Portable series 3

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Chassis replacement on Air Portable series 3. I have just discovered that my chassis is completely rotten and rusted through. Everything else about the Lightweight is OK, with a recon gearbox and overdrive 4 years ago, new seats, fuel tanks and fuel tank switch. Engine starts first time.
a) sell this one for spare and I buy another lightweight?
b) Find someone to take my old one apart and put it all back on a new chassis?
c) some other approach?
Any advice gratefully received. I don't have a garage unfortunately but do have some basic mechanical skills.
Tricky. I'd put a new chassis on it. But I've a decent workshop, and experience. Knowing the mechanicals are good would make me reluctant to change to an unknown vehicle.

Price in the cost of a new loom and you'd have a vehicle for life.
I'd echo @Wildefalcon's reply. And also add that I bought my one knowing the chassis was rotten and needed doing. I'd had a serious collision in a SIII with a newish chassis a few years prior and would now never drive an old one with an 'ok' chassis. In short then, you'll be better off with one that you know is good. Lastly, plenty of people have rebuilt them on their drives.