Announcing the wonderful LandyZone Full Member Subscription and stuff

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Hello everyone!
We are proud to introduce a new *full member subscription* which …drumroll please…
  • Gives you the option to opt out of google ads! (Finally!!!!)
  • Gives you access to the Secure Unit private forum!
  • Allows you to post in for sale/wanted areas without having 50 posts!
  • Options to change user titles
  • Warm glow inside knowing you've helped to contribute to the running of LandyZone
  • Other benefits which will be updated as we go along
All for a truly scandalous £14 a year...
To subscribe, go to your username at the top right of the page and click ‘Account Upgrades’.
Or just click here.
Once paid via PayPal the process of upgrading your account might take 10-15 minutes, or longer if we have just put the kettle on, so don't worry if it isn't instantaneous.

For 2021 after subscribing, you will receive a *member exclusive* LandyZone keyring.
(To receive the keyring, please private message me your address).

Also, as some of you may have already noticed, we have started to be more active across our social media accounts. Me thinks it is time for some self promotion on here!
Go follow our Socials! @ LandyZone
Or use the links here:

If you have any questions or issues regarding subscriptions feel free to comment below or message me :)
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I'm not happy to say mine auto renewed this year!
I miss the endless attempts i made last year to renew my membership and the endless paypal screen of 'something went wrong, please try again later'. I didn't notice this year. I only saw i'd renewed when i looked at paypal for something else and spotted the deduction.
Happily spotted i might add :cool: