ABS Erratic signal from Left rear

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Disco Buckeye

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Hi all!
Thank you for the warm welcome on the intro board btw.
I'm guessing I have a wire issue between the connector at at the sensor and the SLAB. I was having the erratic signal so I replaced the sensor. No change replaced the bearing with the attached sensor with a known working sensor. Same error. I decided to replace the entire bearing (I didn't like how it felt when I spun it) and sensor with a new Timken unit. Same code. So now I want to test the wire with a meter. I have a meter but am a knucklehead as how to use it. I'm not a Discovery 2 nube (I have replaced the top end of a 4.0 and put it in my 2003 with a bad bottom end) I don't know everything and am not afraid to learn so any help would be much appreciated
So sorry for the delay. I do not have a Nanocom (a buddy does so I could hook it up over the weekend)