1985 90 landy

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Wasson just got my second landy!! The first one was a nightmare was a td5 bought from a garage and basically it was a rust pile with loads of other issues where my landy guy said to take it back from where I got it from.

I have now got a 1985 90 with a 200tdi guessing it will be from a disco. It's getting a new chassis and other bits to make it road-legal and get it through a Mot. She has been used as a farm truck so a bit beaten up so definitely a rolling project when I get it on the road again.

I know its probably a few months down the line but for paint what does everyone do? keeping it as factory as possible ideally. It has been hand-painted and all flaking up. I have also seen about powder coating the wheels. I have painted steel wheels loads of times before is it really worth getting it done how much would it cost?

while its all apart any recommendations on subtle parts/mods to improve from OEM.

Cheers Arch
A new set of standard height springs and shocks will transform the ride. Worth doing whilst the chassis is being replaced. I had a set of poly bushes on my disco and I’m looking at doing the same for my 90, although not everyone agrees.