1.8 Freelander cranking but not firing

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Glenmore Park NSW Australia
Hi everyone,

The past few weeks I’ve had an issue with my 1.8 Freelander where it cranks but doesn’t run.

I have so far replaced the rotor, distributor cap, ignition coil, ignition leads, I also removed the starter and locked the flywheel and checked the timing and I can confirm that the left and right camshafts met one another precisely with the respective notches facing.

I applied a power probe and confirm there’s good grounds on ground connectors within the engine bay.

I checked the spark plugs and confirm all are good.

I removed the fuel tank cover and disconnected the fuel pump connector and tested it with the power probe. With the probe connected, I could only get 6.5V on this connector feeding the pump when the key is in the run position. When the key is in the crank position, same thing, only get 6.5V.

I then grounded the power probe and tested the power probe connector itself and note that 12v is showing. I then pressed the power button and applied power to the pump and can hear it working.

Isn’t the pump supposed to be getting a 12v feed? I note other posts and threads on landyzone and other online locations but there’s usually never an outcome on how it was rectified.

The only OBD code that comes up is inlet air sensor fault and a potentiometer fault, I replaced both, and still same thing, cranks but won’t start. I cleared the codes but the inlet air one occasionally still comes up.

Here’s a short YouTube video I filmed of it cranking but simply not wanting to run.

I’m actually starting to think that the ECU is causing this.