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    Correct Psi

    As above with the tyre wear. I run my 110 at 36 ish all round, but heavily loaded or towing up to about 48 at the back, though at max the book says 65.
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    cb radio handset sets off wipers

    Type "clip on Ferrite rings" into Amazon. Should stop strange transmissions, clip one round your DC feed wires to the CB set, and with your mic problems one round it's cable would be a good idea too.
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    Tow hitch height versus horse box issue (Defender 110 2011)

    Remember to keep the pin and linch pins greased. Because if not greased when you need to change height they'll have rusted solid .. As I found out, as now I have two trailers needing different height settings.
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    Freelander 1 Fitting Android DAB and App Friendly Head Unit

    I bought a Android 12, 2Gb/32Gb head unit for the wife's Peugeot 107, the plastic moulding to fit head unit to car was a perfect fit. 1 screw and several clips. Notes, For the aerial skt there was an extender / adapter in the box. Wiring up was no problem, there was an excess of alternative...
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    Bonnet sound proofing

    There's a one piece sound proofing available on eBay £104..
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    Defender Maximum Ride Height Question
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    Defender Maximum Ride Height Question

    I've seen video of military land rovers going totally under water, fitted with tall snorkels, the drivers in scuba gear. Driven straight off tank landing craft into the sea. Then on and up the beach. Anything is possible it's just a case of what's safe and what you want.. Without modifications...
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    Marmite, Br#xit or Low Traffic Neighborhoods

    I doubt it will get worse. It's a case of diminishing returns, once the general populace is forced out of their non qualifying cars there'll be so few non qualifying cars left for them to make money from they'll stop and find something else to tax.
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    Marmite, Br#xit or Low Traffic Neighborhoods

    Well in a series you're almost certainly old enough to be exempt the ULEZ, even my 110 will be in April 2025.
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    Windscreen washer jet upgrade options!!

    I found a kit on eBay that fits the washers on to wiper arms, works wonderfully well, squirts just In front of the blades.. Something like this...
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    Series 3 Led lights

    I've no intention of doing it, but the headlamp conversion permission for my 1984 110 is interesting. I found a quality H4 halogen a good improvement over the standard bulb in there before.. I have changed all other lights to LED, since the casing is the same size and shape as the standard bulb...
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    P38A Parking restrictions

    The max height is often due to transitions at ramps, a man doesn't have have that problem, Having the front wheels on the flat and the rear up on the ramp may bring the roof too close to the ceiling. Locking your ride height down you may have the problem of grounding when going over some...
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    Does anyone actually have a 100% working Landy?

    Don't have a clock so it's easy, she a 110 van, was 100% for several years, until the wipers broke over the winter, now fixed, and now where the windscreen rubber meets having gone round the screen, there is now a 1/4 inch gap I haven't got round to filling. Might do that tomorrow.
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    Washer pump upgrade

    I found the best improvement was fitting a wiper mounted nozzle kit. Fires the water just where you want it. Not too high at low road speed or to low at high road. speed.
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    Speedo Error

    There are 5 different "cogs" from which one can be chosen to match the wheel / differential combination. With a bit of research you might find one to match your combination.
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    Electric 110 Project

    I wonder why they put the batteries in the rear load space when there is a large area where the fuel tank used to be.
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    Use of standard diff lock explanation for ignorant newbie?

    I've got an LSD on the back, this has worked a few times, in snow and hauling up boats up slipways onto a gravel carpark. Because of this I've only needed the diff lock a couple of times, driving across a field in over a foot of snow and up a slope in snow. Even chunky tyres can get clogged...
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    Strata Florida track in my tratter

    Often drive a green lane ***** in my standard 110 or the wife's Kia Rio. We near enough live on it.. Mind you quite rough.. For a tarmacked road... ***** As defined in the county map.
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    Anyone else still use there defender td5 for work?

    Not for work, but until I retired I was driving my 1984 110 with 200tdi to work every day that's 25 miles each way. Plus I use it for launching and recovering boats of up to 3/4 ton.
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    criminals sentenced

    A lot of Albanians have made the crossing, and many more are running the trips.