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    Hi I'm wondering if there is anyone close to burnley that has a nanocom I recently acquired a discovery series 2 and found out the bcm was at fault so I replaced it now the car turns over but won't start after reading up on here learnt that it needs to be programmed and so do the keys and things...
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    No Throttle

    Currently trying jiving the same issue as above but I cut the car out to nip inside to grab something gone to set off again 2 days ago and no response at all I've installed a new accelerator pedal not made a difference changed the fuel regulator its a 2006 2 litre diesel
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    freelander 1 accelerator dead

    My td4 starts but runs lumpy for a minute and then runs like a dream but no accelerator pedal response at all I've changed the pedal and tps for a brand new one still having same issue all 3 amigo lights have only just come on I can't figure it out for the life of me please tell me somebody has...