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  1. southby

    P38A engine ecu

    thanks to all for the feedback will be sure to beef up the new earth one other thing which was noted was the nanocom was unable to communicate via the obd now all is restored
  2. southby

    P38A engine ecu

    hi i have a 2000 diesel p38 which has refused to start since last winter. finally got it going today thanks to a thread which mentioned running an earth wire from the engine ecu (behind the battery) my question is this. before i encountered the starting fault no wire was required and now it...
  3. southby

    L322 I swore I wouldn't

    enjoy enjoy enjoy. thats what it is all about makes a pair of socks suddenly feel very inadequate indeed
  4. southby

    P38A abs light/MOT

    a victory for common sense was finally reached at midday today. am now in possession of a new test vignette. what a palaver many thanks to all for suggestions which proved extremely useful in the event
  5. southby

    P38A abs light/MOT

    hi 2000 diesel auto have just failed the french equivalent of the MOT (controle technique) reason given : ABS warning does not go out it most certainly does go out but not immediately. and this is how it has always behaved on my P38. my question is why does it not go out immediately as on other...
  6. southby

    Recommended RR Specialists

    in kent the leat brothers angus and howard know their stuff land rover servicing, repair, mot, diagnostics, all models.
  7. southby


    too late for me i'm afraid:( (incidentally lrspareparts are 4p cheaper than rimmers:p)
  8. southby


    just ordered mine from island4x4. part nos stc3063 and stc3064 for left and right
  9. southby

    new RR sport vs pikes peak

    great vid All-New Range Rover Sport, Pikes Peak Driven Challenge - YouTube
  10. southby

    New(ish) P38 aquired

    a rare beast Range Rover, Wod's Site, History, Limited editions, 2001 Range Rover 4.0 CAINGORM Limited Edition
  11. southby

    police engine!!

    probably irs of nottingham
  12. southby

    reverse sensors

    mine has sensors but i am smart enough to just ignore them :p
  13. southby

    Unfortunate Damage To Glass

    unless you only have third party it should be covered. direct line for example even specify claims for acts of vandalism will have zero effect on no claims provided you have informed the BIB.
  14. southby

    Recommendation needed Horsham area

    good luck with finding an answer. it would be interesting to know how you get on with these people for future reference
  15. southby

    Instrument cluster bulbs

    supplementary question. is there supposed to be a bulb in the fuel flap release switch? looks like there should be but mine never lights up. thanks
  16. southby

    1500rpm drone

    just found this post. i have the same or similar symptoms also (resonance/harshness at 1500rpm) with a dhse. sounds to me like its coming from the exhaust. wondering if the OP has gotten any further with his investigations?
  17. southby

    Sunroof will not stop

    AFAIK the function you describe (motor stopping between closed and tilt) is governed by a microswitch inside the housing.
  18. southby

    Alpine head unit(s), but no sound...HELP!

    problems with the amp(s) wherever located have been traced to water ingress by others in the past. usually condensation. and in my case a faulty door amp certainly showed traces of this. the steering wheel buttons on mine still don't work (except cruise) but the sound system is now fully...
  19. southby

    Alpine head unit(s), but no sound...HELP!

    i had a really good look when i first bought, having read about all the issues with the dsp amp, but there is nothing back there. the twin sub has its own amp and each of the doors have one. the system is all as original. no aftermarket whatsoever. the head unit (pic in my profile) has no dsp...