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    Hi everyone

    Hi all I live in Gloucestershire and have a fl2 2013 black and white with only 47000 on the clock The wife has a 2014 fl2 xs ( hers till it goes wrong then it’s my problem ) Trained as a mechanic back in the 70’s with the MOD
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    Black and white upgrade

    My apologies, I did register a while ago but haven’t posted until now. I have a 2013 fl2 black and white and the wife has a 2014 xs model. I used to work on land rovers back in the mid seventies while doing my apprenticeship with the ministry of defence. Only recently got back into them so have...
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    Black and white upgrade

    Hi all I have a 2013 black and white fl2 and although it’s a limited edition the spec is quite low. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded one of these to a higher spec ( fog lights, seats, touchscreen, parking sensors for example ) and was it worth it or maybe too much effort or too complicated...