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    For Sale Nanocom for TD5 Defender

    Selling my Defender so no further need for Nanocom I'm told they go for about £450 on Fleabay so I suggest £400 should be about right. Very little use. Complete with lead. Collection from High Wycombe area.
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    Now that Heathrow airport is in the ULEZ zone it adds £25 to the already exorbitant parking charge if I'm away for more than a day. This means a taxi is significantly cheaper so unless the taxi is electric - unlikely due to range - there will be two very slightly less polluting journeys rather...
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    Losing Throttle...Help!

    When my actuator seized I just got surging at higher throttle opening
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    Can i test my starter motor?

    You need to connect a voltmeter between the supply cable where it attaches to the starter motor and the other connection to the starter motor body, making sure you have really good connections. Check voltage while cranking the engine. Then check voltage across battery when cranking. Any...
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    I had a Clean Diesel Technologies unit on my Sprinter. It needed manual addition of a few ml of catalyst on each tankful. Worked very well but I sold the van when although it was ULEZ exempt it was still going to fall foul of all the new clean air zones in other towns. Bath was the most...
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    Best thing you bought for your Defender

    Foundry 4x4 pedal lock is best accessory I have bought. Much less faff than other security gadgets and seems pretty effective.
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    Which Jump Starter to have

    I just had the need to use a starter pack on a 5 litre car that had been stored for about 6 months. Enough battery to light the interior light but a fairly feeble click and no more when trying to start the engine. I tried the Autowit super capacitor pack without much hope of success. Using the...
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    Is a landrover 90 station wagon a car or commercial vehicle?

    My guess is that the M1 or N1 designation is what is used by the system to trigger a notice of intended prosecution. You need to know the rules and be ready to provide details if they come after you. As far as I can tell almost all 90 and 110 Defenders are indeed dual purpose vehicles due to...
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    Is a landrover 90 station wagon a car or commercial vehicle?

    Agreed, but getting stung for over 50MPH on an A road would be bad, so it's good to know what the rules are and how to reply if the police get over zealous.
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    Is a landrover 90 station wagon a car or commercial vehicle?

    Check out "Dual Purpose Vehicle" on Gov.UK A dual purpose vehicle is a vehicle constructed or adapted for the carriage both of passengers and of goods and designed to weigh no more than 2,040 kg when unladen, and is either: constructed or adapted so that the driving power of the engine is, or...
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    Is a landrover 90 station wagon a car or commercial vehicle?

    My understanding is that Defenders 90 and 110 should be ok on car speed limits as they qualify as dual purpose vehicles due to 4WD.There is a weight limit so 130 may not qualify.
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    TD5 air in fuel lines, my experience.

    Not sure why it would be ok for 3/4 of a tank and then cause trouble if this is the only issue. I hope you have fixed the issue permanently but it doesn't quite make sense to me.
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    Vintage Voltage

    That's the same outfit but I thought the Vintage Voltage Defender was black.
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    Vintage Voltage

    Too technical for me but I think there is some sort of Discovery + catch up that might do it.
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    Vintage Voltage

    Saw an episode of Vintage Voltage today where a Defender was converted to electric. Looked like a decent job. Supposedly capable of 0 - 60 in 5.5 sec, top speed around 100mph and a range of up to 200 miles if not driven at those speeds. Supposedly pretty good off road, too. Very slightly...
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    Pickup ally sheeting

    Are you looking for plain Aluminium sheet? Might be worth looking at chequer plate as I think this is slightly harder as it's designed to be load bearing. If you want it smooth you can fit it upside down.
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    Clutch Pedal Spring

    Good to know. I will give that a go.
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    Clutch Pedal Spring

    Update on the clutch return spring upgrade. The pedal definitely takes less pressure to push to the floor but the over centre flip on the spring coincides with the bite point. It doesn't have the feel of the old tension spring. Also, the pedal now pushes back further at rest so I have to lift...
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    I pulled my 84 90 CSW SWB 2.25 petrol out of the field!

    Worth checking with the carb experts before you buy a rebuild kit. The new E10 fuel is supposed to attack the rubber diaphragms. Unless you can get a kit guaranteed to be E10 proof it may be worth considering use of super unleaded until we know a bit more. I am told Super should remain at E5...
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    Clutch Pedal Spring

    I ordered the parts to do this when my clutch master cylinder failed about 4 years ago. They didn't arrive until after the hydraulics were sorted so have been sculling around in the dash until today. Finally decided time had come and it turned out to be a pretty straightforward job thanks to...