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    Top 3/5 mods for an urban defender

    Urban defenders seem to requre lots of chequer plate, a snorkel, massive chunky tyres on black wheels, a black roof atoped by a row of lights. Don't forget the 'one life live it' sticker in every window.
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    Aaron's 90 rebuild (Round 2)

    Bugger them, your never going to eachothers garden parties so spray away. By the time they whine to the council your paint will be dry and they will still be dicks.
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    Stop the indian defender

    Right. Fair point. However wheelbarrows have very low emmissions and are unlikely to breach eec or us laws. Their Ncap rating is **** though.
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    Stop the indian defender

    I love my fender but its nineteen forties design with nineteen seventies build quality. If they want to build it in india for the third world market then off you go. The british motor industry will be relegated to building tons of hi tech nissans and hondas. Shame. What would be briliant is if...
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    Aaron's 90 rebuild (Round 2)

    Just read through the whole thread. Loving your work. Totaly impressed. With that blue you could go for just about any colour roof. Whites clasic but standard, silver would be passable and a bit different. But your chequer palte is already gloss black, so gloss black it should be. Keep up the...
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    Puma safe mode on overrun

    Well done for solving it. Mine was doing the same but i never realy got to the bottome of it. MAP sensor cleaning helped, electronicaly blanking the EGR helped, and replacing the EGR entirely even though it was effectively defeunct helped. Still does it ocasionaly so I might change the hoses...
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    vehicle security

    Late response, but your doors and bonnet are most at risk. To stop all your nice doors from being nicked put 5mm Stainless Steel bearings into the alen key holes of all your door hinges, including the rear. Stainless Steel mind you! A tiny dab of clear silicone will secure them in place. The...
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    Puma - power failure. Any ideas??

    Eyup again Finaly solved it. Diagnostics said it was Turbo Overpressure, possibly caused by either or both the airflow sensor and the EGR. Repalced the airflow sensor. it wasn't that. Put a blanking plate in the EGR and Bingo it hasn't died since. The EGR's already been electronicaly neutered...
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    price of defenders these days

    From what I can see on new car depreciation rates the defenders a bit of a bargain. Yes it's going to depreciate like a git, but from what i can make out compared to any other car on the road it'll depreciate slower. For example compare a mitsi l200. Costs about the same as a fender depending...
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    Lazy Puma EGR Solution?

    Hi I've got an ongoing problem with my 2008 puma. Yes I know it's a transit engine. It keeps dropping its power, apparently loosing the turbo, until switched off and on again. Anyhow I took it to a diagnostic fella who computer told me it was shutting off the turbo due to over pressure. There...
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    Puma or a shed?

    Did you ever get a resolution to this and what was it? The world deserves to know. Cheers.
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    Wanted defender 90/110

    As a charity can you claim the vat back if you buy a commercial VATable machine. It's cash worth having if you can get it back.
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    Defender 110 puma speedo not working!?

    Thinking about it, if all your other instruments are working, and if you havnt had the binacle out before the problems probably at the other end of the wire. either the sensors gone or theres a bad connection near the sensor.
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    Defender 110 puma speedo not working!?

    Hi are all the other instruments working? you could pull out your instrument binacle to check the connection. Theres just a few large hex bolts to remove, two at the top toward the windscreen nd two underneath the binacle. The instruments can then be wiggled free. All the wires are on a single...
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    Puma - power failure. Any ideas??

    Eyup. Mine goes to limp mode every time I take it on the motorway. Following the advice from MD5 I have just removed my map sensor. I was stunned to see how much crap was caked to it. I was expecting a bit of dust, I was not expecting the thick sludge of carbonised oil caked deep into it...
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    Engine Number Location

    Epic! Well done Redhand. U tha Man! An awsome point well made. I couldnt believe my foolishness in mistakenly buying a landy with a proven strong and reliable ford transit engine in it. Imagine my embarasment. I'll never live this one down. If you didnt laugh, you cry. Wait till everyone else...
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    Engine Number Location

    Seriously! No one knows! Not one response? Not even a mocking one, and I love the mocking ones. Two possible reasons for this is: A; no one has the faintest. B; no one gives a monkeys Never mind it doesnt matter any more. If the DVLA want the engine number they can come and find it themselves.
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    Engine Number Location

    Eyup! Does anyone know where the engine number is located on a puma, 2.4. I can't find it anywhere. Clues for the clueless please. First one to say On The Engine wins the Nobel prize for being whitty. Cheers J
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    Puma engine re-tune

    Just had mine done by Alive. They took a long time mapping it out, de-limiting it and nulifying the EGR. It runs smoother and with a bit more oomph through the range. MPG is no better, possibly slightly worse. Was it worth the money? possibly not, but I cant imagine anyone else doing a more...
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    Proper Winter Tyres. Urgent advice Required!

    Daz! Good to hear from you again. Still trying to compensate for life letting you down. Feel better chap. There's always hope.