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    200Tdi (Discovery) into a '79 88" S3

    Lower hose arrangement. A reducing 90 degree elbow from the coolant pump, storey engineering sensor fitting and a 270 degree back to the radiator. Not perfect, I'd have liked the radius of the bend on the 270 to be tighter, but it's working fine.
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    Living the dream.

    My Landrover has one of those. Coolant.
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    Series 3 Series 3 88'' chassis specs

    Who's the mod for this sub forum?
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    Series 3 Series 3 88'' chassis specs

    Couldn't be arsed posting a link. It should be a sticky at the top of the sub forum.
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    For Sale Refurbished Fairey Overdrive for LT95 - RRC Version

    Who refurbished it? Does it include the clutch sleeve?
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    Problem adjusting shims on steering

    Okay. Let's break it down. In simple terms. The front wheel can wobble from two causes. 1). The wheel (& hub it sits on) can wobble on the stub axle/spindle. To test, Jack the wheel up on the air, safety, and grip it at 3 and 9 o clock. Did it rock? Do the same at 12 and 6 o...
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    Where to position a relay box

    Works. Nothing else does, but the electrics work.
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    Series 3 Series 3 88'' chassis specs

    Repair operations manual. website to download. Google it
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    Where to position a relay box

    Works. I hope.
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    Where to position a relay box

    It's closer for the fan sensor, and a direct route for power from the alternator. I'm doing this exact job tomorrow. Fan, main and dipped beam relays.
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    Series 3 Chassis Number

    Defenders are coil sprung SUV derived consumer products. Landrover are not.
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    Where to position a relay box

    Going here, tomorrow, weather permitting.
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    Where to position a relay box

    I've one of those, it's going where the air filter sits normally, but I'm fitting a defender filter.
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    200Tdi (Discovery) into a '79 88" S3

    Excellent. I'm devising an electric fan conversion at the moment, so l might be able to help at that stage.
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    Reverse switch

    Use a pre 1980 brake light pedal switch
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    hub cap

    You need an O ring. And a dead blow mallet.
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    Bought a car from auction, No mod 654!

    Join the historical military vehicle club. They'll sort you out.
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    Do I really need to take the gearbox out to do the clutch release bearing?

    Good excuse to check the seat box fixings. And handbrake. And propshafts. And rear bearing seal on the engine. Maybe new main bearing shells, all good