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  1. hoss A

    P38A Front door handles (external) don't retract properly and parts not available

    Used to be able to get shimming brass , very thin and flexible , dont know if you can still get it though , just an idea !
  2. hoss A

    Gear linkage

    something like this to hold the joint together ?
  3. hoss A

    Knocking noise even after parts replacement

    check the engine tie bar ! these can make that sort of noise !
  4. hoss A

    ABS Fault

    search shuttle valve mod , sometimes its not the shuttle valve , but the connections inside the abs unit !
  5. hoss A

    Clutch related issue

    i do not know anything about these , but I think it would be obvious to just remove the spacer and shorten the actuating rod to give full movement !
  6. hoss A

    Manual box woes

    Bias springs or plate for the lever ?
  7. hoss A

    New to Forum looking for a LR specialist East Yorkshire

    Try land rover services down west dock ave in hull ! pretty good from what I have heard !
  8. hoss A

    HELP Land Rover Specialist Middlesex/ Herts

    check your front abs rings , sounds like you have a crack in on of them !
  9. hoss A

    Grinding whirring noise when in gear??

    spigot bearing ??? daughters sounded a bit like that !
  10. hoss A

    breather filter

    nether do I !! but if you google depression valve you'll soon find out ! if you think about it too long you will get depression !!!!
  11. hoss A

    breather filter

    don't know if its on the service schedule as I do not have rave on this laptop ! I would just wash it out in petrol if you want !
  12. hoss A

    breather filter

    the part number is LLN100140L valve assembly - depression control ! Hope this helps Alan
  13. hoss A

    breather filter

    a genuine one !
  14. hoss A

    breather filter

    do you mean the turbo vent filter ? looks like a clear plastic filter about 2 inches long ? if it is , just use an inline fuel filter !
  15. hoss A

    breather filter

    I don't think the l series has a filter but has a depression valve !!
  16. hoss A

    Where online can i get Dipstick gasket

    gasket paper about a quid for an a4 sheet comes in various thicknesses simples !
  17. hoss A

    Cleaning up tools...

    and engine bits !!!!!!!!!!! :D
  18. hoss A

    Cleaning up tools...

    dish washer !!
  19. hoss A

    DIY VCU service

    brake n clutch cleaner works !! just spray it in the hole ! turn the vcu with a spanner holding the other end still then let it drain , the solvent evaporates leaving the old fluid behind ,this can then be weighed to get the exact amount required to refill the vcu !
  20. hoss A

    DIY VCU service

    I have sprayed brake and clutch cleaner in mine to break the ' sludge ' down as it was seized ! left it to soak for a couple of days with the holes covered up so it didn't evaporate too quickly , then let it drain for a couple of days , I can now turn it with ease with a 17mm spanner , there is...