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    series 3 21/4 diesel front cover water inlet gasket leak

    Hi folks Last year I removed and replaced the front cover after fitting a new timing chain, all water inlet surfaces were clean and flat plus a new gasket fitted and sealed using multi purpose grease all has been well until a couple days ago when on start up a serious water leak occurred, my...
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    series 3 diesel injectors

    Hi Folks I need to replace the fuel injectors on my 1975 series 3 diesel The problem I have is the ones fitted to mine are different eg they are taller the spill bar is fitted to the side, and secured into the head with long stud bars topped with nuts and a bar which clamps injectors to the...
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    Hi everyone I logged on in June, in the past I have owned a petrol1972 series 3 which was my daily ride for work, at the moment I own a diesel 1975 series 3 in nato green which has been on the drive for about 5 years neglected and I am in the process of giving her some T L C which is why I...