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    Passing on the Police message that was sent to the LRO Club

    Hi I am contacting you to let you and your members aware that the theft of Defenders is rife again, particularly in the Rochdale, Bury and Rawtenstall area and also Halifax area. In Rochdale we had 4 taken in 6 days and Halifax police have reported 48 stolen in the last 3 months. We are...
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    Security etching glass

    I have used a Land Rover kit from these guys. Not only does it etch all the windows but you can etch major panels eg bonnet, roof etc. It is part of a whole suite of security measures I am using to keep my beloved Landy. Hope that helps?
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    Security devices for defender?

    Oh...and locking wheel nuts all round! :rolleyes:
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    Security devices for defender?

    Oh...and I forgot to mention that I have tapped 5mm stainless steel ball bearings into all the torque bolts on the doors to stop them simply being undone and the doors removed. The doors and windows are all security etched as detailed in my first post. :rolleyes:
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    Security devices for defender?

    I use an 'ard case Home Plus a Disklok Full Cover Large Silver Car Security Disklok - Left Hand Drive - Festive Lights Plus an Abus Granite heavy duty chain/padlock through front wheel parked on full lock Plus security etched using a Land Rover kit from ISR Retainagroup - Worldwide solutions...