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  1. NorfolkBird

    Sealing roof gutters

    I used Sikaflex, it did the job well. Only thing is you use a bit and the rest goes off in the container which seems a waste.
  2. NorfolkBird


    For the money you can get something more reliable. As others have said, it's all about the image, you can buy far more useful and practical cars. But if you like to be one of the thousands you see everywhere you go and you have the money to keep it on the road, go for it.
  3. NorfolkBird

    Anyone have information about how Series 3s perform in accidents? Any documented history?

    A young lad pulled out in front of me once in my 04 Defender and despite trying my best I couldn't completely avoid him. The impact bent my steering rod and dented a wing a bit. I was fine as was my son who was in a child seat on the passenger seat. The first copper on scene said it was a...
  4. NorfolkBird

    Military ‘Style’ landrover…possibly not real military?

    Hi, welcome to the forum. A lot of people paint their Landy up military style. If you love it that's all that matters. Hope you have some fun times with it :)
  5. NorfolkBird

    How would you go about selling?

    It can't hurt to advertise on here, plenty of people have been successful as far as I know. You will certainly get some useful (and perhaps not so useful!) feedback. Obv anyone can join the forum, scammers and dreamers included, but there's also some large and small dealers as well as...
  6. NorfolkBird

    How would you go about selling?

    I advertised in Car & Classic and eBay. I ended up selling to someone local who had seen it about over the years and spotted the ad on ebay. Prolly worth putting a poster in the window. I had a dreamer say he wanted to buy it, he had a good look round it and test drove. I took a £100 deposit...
  7. NorfolkBird

    Isle-of-wight please help

    @JohnM70 do you know anywhere for Disco parts? Would have to be open today!
  8. NorfolkBird


    I actooly work for MI5 but I can't give you any details, cos you'd work out who I am irl then I'd have to kill you all.
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  10. NorfolkBird


    You don't have to put photos up of yourself. Why don't you tell us about your land rovers?
  11. NorfolkBird

    Scored myself a new job

    Great read, but I dunno how you can sleep with yer feet out of the duvet 😲
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  13. NorfolkBird


    Are you asking for photos?
  14. NorfolkBird


    It's a shame, I was really looking forward to another wimmins input, especially about "etc".
  15. NorfolkBird

    Hi everyone.

    Hello and welcome. Good luck with the Disco resto :)
  16. NorfolkBird

    1979 s3 109 for sale near Spalding price reduced

    Sorry to hear that. Its a lovely looking Landy and I think a fair starting price. Best of luck.
  17. NorfolkBird

    Dog ramp stowage

    Beautiful dog, ignore the idiot.
  18. NorfolkBird

    I'm a grandpa

    Congratulations, lovely news :)
  19. NorfolkBird

    Good day all.

  20. NorfolkBird


    We actually saw a LR meet up near the port in Lisbon. Wish you the best of luck, keep at it as it will be worthwhile.