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  1. Dorset_dumpling

    What have you done to your Freelander today

    Put it for sale.
  2. Dorset_dumpling

    Freelander 1 TD4 ES spares or repair.
  3. Dorset_dumpling

    Steering Pump Stage 1 v8

    IIRC, the ones that had power steering used the Range Rover pump that was also used on the 90/110 the part number is 610020. I would double check that though.
  4. Dorset_dumpling

    Newbie Q’s - 1st Ever Series Land Rover

    Hmm, I have never heard of a petrol that has had both a cold start control and a choke cable. You learn something new every day.
  5. Dorset_dumpling

    Newbie Q’s - 1st Ever Series Land Rover

    1) Not entirely certain but it could well be that at some point your Landy was fitted with a diesel engine and a control for the glow plugs, which would explain why you have the 2 different controls. In which case the cold start control next to the ignition switch has probably been disconnected...
  6. Dorset_dumpling

    S3 bogging on full throttle

    That does seem to be very advanced timing. Mine is running about 10 btdc at idle speed with the vacuum advance disconnected and running on E5 99 octane petrol. You could also be running rich but if your timing is too far out you will also be getting incomplete combustion which will also cause...
  7. Dorset_dumpling

    Series 3 Power steering installation

    If the steering is too heavy for you, a years' gym membership would be cheaper.💪
  8. Dorset_dumpling

    2.25 diesel performance

    Just a quick query before you start worrying about the engine, what size tyres are you running? The diesel is ideally suited to 6.00/16 tyres Many people fit 7.50/16s which can leave the diesel feeling slightly over-geared, trading off even worse acceleration for slightly reduced cruising rpm...
  9. Dorset_dumpling

    Series 3 Engine & GB change out

    Which Isuzu engine? I have heard of people fitting a 2.8 Isuzu turbodiesel to Series 3's but it is not a particularly common conversion. Those Isuzu engines are very reliable and can do huge mileages so unless there is something wrong with the engine you will get very little benefit from fitting...
  10. Dorset_dumpling

    Driving a series 3 in North Cornwall

    Not sure this will work to be honest. I currently drive a Series 3 88" and have had two others previously and not one of them has had the same rattles, clunks, knocks and whines as another. Unless you have driven a completely restored, factory spec vehicle you are not going to have anything like...
  11. Dorset_dumpling

    For Sale Series 3 88" Hardtop bits

    The door has now been sold, only the sides and roof available. £75 if roof and sides bought together.
  12. Dorset_dumpling

    Extra front crossmember

    Both of those would make sense. It has heavy recovery eyes bolted through it and the "apron" between the grille and the front bumper was missing when I bought the landy so it probably had a winch fitted at some point.
  13. Dorset_dumpling

    Extra front crossmember

    Has anyone come across a Series 3 chassis with an extra front crossmember before? I have just tried to turn the engine with a crank handle but directly behind the front bumper is a solid 2" box section crossmember that is stopping me from passing the crank handle through to the crank pulley. The...
  14. Dorset_dumpling

    WARNING 2010 LR2 misdiagnosis

    Wtf is an LR2? Freelander, Discovery, Range Rover, Defender? It cant be a series because they dont have fancy electronic bits on them.
  15. Dorset_dumpling

    inlet to carb stud size.

    I have a couple lying around in my toolbox, if you message me your address you can have them.
  16. Dorset_dumpling

    For Sale Series 3 88" Hardtop bits

    Series 3 88" roof, sides and rear door. I am asking for £40 for the roof, £50 for the pair of sides and £50 for the rear door. Or I can do the whole lot for £100. All in decent useable condition though the door does have some rust on the frame. The lock works and includes 1 key.
  17. Dorset_dumpling

    Series 3 SIII Diesel won't rev

    Have you done a compression test? That would be the first thing I would do. You should be looking at a cylinder compression between 400 psi to 420 psi, make sure you use a diesel compression tester. If compression is less than 400 psi make sure the valve clearances are set correctly to 0.25 mm...
  18. Dorset_dumpling

    Series 3 Series 3 mixture problems

    OK, problem solved, it was human error, I forgot to re-attach the spring on the throttle linkage that attaches to the choke mechanism, running fine now.
  19. Dorset_dumpling

    Series 3 Series 3 mixture problems

    Hi, I have a problem with the mixture on my series 3. It has been stood for about 4 weeks while I replaced the blown head gasket and when I have gone to start it after putting everything back together the engine is running very rich and smoking a lot. I have wound the mixture screw fully in and...
  20. Dorset_dumpling

    Potential new Series 2a owner with questions on powerplant and drivetrain

    To be honest there is not a lot that can be done to improve the performance of a 2.25 diesel. A good healthy one will make around 60 bhp at the most and there is not much you can do to improve that. I doubt an electric fan will make any noticeable difference, maybe freeing up 1 horsepower at the...