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  1. timtheenchanteruk

    Welding gas

    Ya think... :D I do use me welder for other bits and bobs too, especially in this lockdown thingy. good for a tinker, and practice :) and remembering how nice welding new metal is, not a rusty **** chassis
  2. timtheenchanteruk

    Welding gas

    I've used pub gas for ages, but I've moved, and cant get a supply any more. I have 2 bottles, empty, does anyone know anywhere round Leeds/Bradford/Wakefeild/Cas where I could get them filled, cos ill be damned if im paying £13 a pop for the little disposables.
  3. timtheenchanteruk

    When is enough enough??

    Ideally I'd love to whack a new chassis on, but funds wont allow. Every other year I need to do some chassis welding, a few years ago redid the whole back chassis from the rear wheels backwards. 2 years later needed repair further forward, round the trailing arm mounts. Now I've got bit needing...
  4. timtheenchanteruk

    FIP stud part number

    Its not often I see a price difference luke that either...
  5. timtheenchanteruk

    FIP stud part number

    Thats the blighter... Lmfao at the "genuine" price tho... Cheers
  6. timtheenchanteruk

    Defender oil cooler.

    That'll explain it then. Wasnt impressed, wasted a bag o sand clearing it up... :(
  7. timtheenchanteruk

    Defender oil cooler.

    Now, I was under the impression there was a thermostat for the oil cooler in the fuel filter housing. Upon this presumption, I decided to try starting the fender with the rad removed (and thus oil lines disconnected) after refitting the cam belt. She started, lumpily, so I got out to have a...
  8. timtheenchanteruk

    What have you done to your Landie today.

    Fixed it. FIP changed, re timed, new pushrods, new cambelt, and she runs. Very lumpy, but she runs, currently putting it down to valve clearances being way out, not done em yet, valve caps are that worn, ive ordered a new set, so I'll set em after that. If its still lumps, i must have got the...
  9. timtheenchanteruk

    FIP stud part number

    What it says... Anyone know the part number for a 300tdi injector pump stud? google fu has failed... :(
  10. timtheenchanteruk

    Stainless steel exhaust - recommendations?

    got my 110 custom stainlesse side exit, looks and sounds ace :) was a nice £400, but they took their time on it, it sits higher than the standard zorst, and was a full system right form the cat. Make sure whatever you get has a flexi in the downpipe, ot it will suffer fatigue and fail prematurly.
  11. timtheenchanteruk

    300Tdi eBay Alloy Radiator

    link would help...
  12. timtheenchanteruk

    300Tdi eBay Alloy Radiator

    Ive used this guy for a few different motors over the years, and a few mates (and me) have fitted them to our fenders, never had a problem.
  13. timtheenchanteruk

    Sals axle, how much weights?

    wouldnt surprise me, the diff crown wheel alone is the best part of 30kgs.
  14. timtheenchanteruk

    Clutch change tips 300tdi

    Wait till it starts slipping, and change before complete failure if poss, theres no way to guess when or how long it would last. anyhoo, 22mm copper pipe also works well for an alignment tool. ive done mine twice box out, only because it ended up a relativly short period between changes, and I...
  15. timtheenchanteruk

    Left and Right Rear Side Exhaust Exit

    would make it quieter, surely, sharing the gas between 2 pipes, would make it louder on the side sans paipe atm, but quieter on tother side?
  16. timtheenchanteruk

    Delphi lift pump o-ring size for course filter in cap?

    long term, id look at a facet pump, ive got one in the shed to go on mine, like you I run on bio and it eats lift pumps every 6 months or so, facet are fully bio compatible... My plan is to mount it on the bulkhead, and re route pipes to it and blank off the lift pump mount.
  17. timtheenchanteruk

    Volt gauge wiring help

    ideally it should be 12.6V when not running, 14.5 when it is, but tbh unless you spend a fortune on car gauges, they aint that accurate, as long as you know whats normal for YOUR setup the actual reading isnt that critical. Voltage drop on 12V is quite high, so shorter overrated cables are the...
  18. timtheenchanteruk

    Where is my Dim Dip relay ?

    after much hunting on mine, it was located behind the speaker on the drivers side, mine failed closed circuit, meaning my headlights were on "dim" permanantly.
  19. timtheenchanteruk

    PAS pipe replacement

    Cheers. if it's the faff it looks like, I might just bite the bullet and pull the rad, the pump looks a git to get to without. At least I know the antifreeze is right for winter then.
  20. timtheenchanteruk

    PAS pipe replacement

    I need to replace the pump to box pipe on my 300 tdi. anyone know if i need to remove the rad to do it (ie do i need to go get more antifreeze :) ) cheers :)