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  1. Mrlbt1

    Where do you live?

    Hello, I have been on here for about a year. I guess I was waiting to purchase the car before I introduced myself. Based in Belfast with a 1990 RRC
  2. Mrlbt1

    Another 90 Rebuild

    That's great news then! Will see if I ever get around a project like this sometime in the future... Don't know if your son mentioned it, I'm quite the enthusiastic chap. Shouldn't really be having any thoughts on landys quite yet, especially not as a student. Anyways, good luck with the build...
  3. Mrlbt1

    Another 90 Rebuild

    Greetings from Belfast! I'm currently a flatmate of your son at Uni :) Been following your project ever since he told me about it. Looking good! Great solutions to the tank! Hoping this chassis doesn't bring any more surprises to you! Laurence
  4. Mrlbt1

    Is it difficult to get conversion approved by DVLA?

    I would find it fair that they will require proof of purchase of engine so that it can be confirmed that it wasn't stolen. But don't tell me the DVLA works in the way that it depends on who processes your papers. Works like this in Norway. You can get your mod approved by the same guy on a...
  5. Mrlbt1

    Is it difficult to get conversion approved by DVLA?

    This is all good news then! Typically how long will it take b4 the logbook is returned and they don't require any inspections? I hereby change the intention of the thread to hear about your experiences, as I realized I could get the info here...
  6. Mrlbt1

    Is it difficult to get conversion approved by DVLA?

    LoL... That easy? What if you were to drop a 7 litre GM engine in one? I just recently moved to the UK, so back home in Norway everything is pretty complicated. Any changes done to the vehicle has to be checked over by authorities and reported in the V5 by them, even if its the same engine...
  7. Mrlbt1

    Is it difficult to get conversion approved by DVLA?

    How difficult is it to get a Defender 90 approved with a Rover V8 3,5 conversion? What paperwork must be done and how goes the process? Cheers!
  8. Mrlbt1

    No Posts...?

    Hi, I'm based in Belfast. Wondering if anyone knows about any possibilities to rent garage space around here? Thinking about buying a 110 which needs some work done, a wet and cold driveway is not so tempting.
  9. Mrlbt1

    Anyone from good old Northern Ireland?

    Hi, I'm a Norwegian moved to Northern Ireland, currently based in Belfast. Looking into buying a Defender that needs a lot of work, but before that happens I would like to know if there are any possibilities of renting some garage space which would ease the burden of working on her on a cold and...